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Call for AppLication :Local fundraising Programme

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Developing capacities of CSOs to mobilize domestic resources

Local fundraising/ local resource mobilization is a programme that seeks to strengthen CSOs capacity in Fund-raising with more emphasis on local resource mobilization. The training is organised by Foundation for Civil society, FCS Trust Limited in partnership with Wilde Ganzen and Change the Game Academy. FCS is a national partner for the Change the Game Academy in Tanzania.

This training course is meant for organizations with emerging experience in local fundraising. Even if one is more experience, they will still find the information, tools and exercises offered in this course extremely useful. The programme employs the blended learning approach i.e. a combination of face to face courses, full e-learning courses, separate e-learning modules and toolkits and collective and individual coaching.

At the End of the Course, Participants will:

· Have the basic knowledge and skills to raise funds at local level for a local project of their organizations.

· Be able to determine the resources needed for projects to match these with potential


· Participants will be able to know the basics of effective fundraising and be able to draft

an action plan and budget for fundraising activities.

· Be able to link branding, communication and local resource mobilization.

· Help participating organizations to identify current resource gaps and to equip them

with knowledge, skills and the right attitude to raise resources with a focus on local

resource mobilization and community fundraising.

· Support participants reflection on their sustainability, fundraising & resource

mobilization practice

Target Organisations

This programme targets only registered CSOs in Tanzania

Duration of the programme



Mbezi Garden Hotel (Dar Es Salaam)

To apply for the program see the form below

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